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ENVIRISK will develop an integrated methodological framework to identify health risks caused by exposures to environmental factors, with a view to provide for quantitative assessment and comparison of the benefits of alternative prevention and targeted policy measures against their respective costs. Specific aims include assessment of existing information on exposure and health effects, establishment of links between exposure and health including framework and protocol development, and contribution to the EC Integrated Environment and Health Information System (EHIS).


ENVIRISK is based on two major national environment and health programmes covering multiple exposure situations and multiple health outcomes, as has been done in the Czech and Slovak Republics during the past 15 years. Based on the databases of these programmes and on the recent methodological developments, the required frameworks for assessment of exposure and of relations between exposure and health will be developed and piloted on studies on several exposure and health indicator relationships:

(1) exposure to atmospheric PAH and pregnancy outcomes;

(2) exposure to PCBs, dibenzofurans and dioxins and neurodevelopmental and endocrine disrupting effects;

(3) exposure to atmospheric particulate matter and other irritants and respiratory morbidity and mortality. The results of these exposure and health indicators, as well as the assessment of preventive policies, will be evaluated also having in mind the WHO ECEH Environment and Health Information System (ENHIS).


ENVIRISK is structured in four work packages: 'Exposure assessment', 'Environmental health assessment', 'Dissemination and Contribution EHIS', and 'Coordination'. The first two work packages will use the same case studies for the development and implementation of their frameworks. The results will review the available information and scientific background, and present analyses and recommendations. The third work package will propose and implement dissemination activities and a user review, and compile the final product prototype.