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Project Structure

The project has four work packages:

·       WP1 Exposure assessment (leader, THL);

·       WP2 Environmental health assessment (leader, IEM);

·       WP3 Contribution to EHIS (leader, NILU);

·       WP4 Coordination (leader, NILU).   


The consortium has chosen to base its approach on two major European environmental and health studies covering multiple exposure situations and multiple health outcomes, carried out in the Czech and Slovak Republics since 1990s, and to build the required frameworks using methodologies from previous European and national studies.


The two scientific work packages, WP1 and PW2, will interact through personnel sharing, and will use the same case studies for the development and implementation of the respective frameworks (of course, they will also use subject-specific additional information). Their results will be in the form of reports reviewing the available information and scientific background, including new analyses, and suggesting frameworks. These results will be passed to the third work package that will organise a user review of these findings, and will use them in tool implementation. Time-wise, the WP3 will have to use interim results of WPs 1 and 2 in the tool development, with the final results to be used for tool adjustment if necessary.